Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dead! but gone yet?

OMG ! i think i blog is dead, completely dead yet? I'm not
so sure. but died for sure!!! i bet no one is even reading my blog

blogging is so last year for me, no offence people. Only for me!
cause firstly, i don't have that much time to keep track what
I've done everyday. Secondly, i seldom go online, compared
to last year. Thirdly, no one is reading my blog anymore.
I'm pretty sure no one does it anymore.

blogging is like friendster to me, dead, childish and gone. well,
i might come back to my blog once in a while, but not always.
the last time i blog was, i can't even recall. erm . . . few months

well, let us stop complaining and talk about something else
more useful. my life is still good, still in good condition, still
loves to dance. blogging is not bad, when i just saw my own
blog on google, for typing my own name, cause I'm bored.
basically, everything that has the record of my name appears
on the website, like FRIENDSTER, facebook, myspace and
many more.

when i saw my old, abandoned blog, i thought back lots of
lots of memories. the dramas in secondary school, the pains and
tears, and of course the happy moments. good memories
that will always stays in my blog. i will never ever delete this
blog, but appreciate all the things i wrote inside.

i wanna say thanks, for people who reads my blog, even though
i suck in blogging but yeah, love you guys, will visit more often!
to those people who feel offended of what i just said, I'm sorry ok!
i don't mean it, and everything is in my point of view. Me, and myself.
what i think of myself and my blog! thanks. take care. bye!

Monday, July 19, 2010

back from Terrengganu !

came back on Sunday. took 5 hours drive from Subang to Terrengganu.
the trip was fun. driving there mid night 12 reaching there 5 in the morning
was super scary. and i drove most of the time. baby were tired all the time
that's why. sun rise wasn't that nice due to the heavy clouds.

back to normal life now. busy with assignments and shits. going Jason
Derulo's show case tomorrow and world stage on the 31st of July.
it better be good or else its gonna be fucking waste of my money.

and guess what? I've got sun burn. body with bikini marks. will upload
the pictures asap. test coming in another 2 more weeks time. ready
to die due to not studying. yet! or shall i say, not at all !!

having class in 15 more minutes.

toodles :)

p.s : Terrengganu's trip was fun

p.p.s : drank Absolute in Terrengganu and saw horror
movie with bunch of stonner !!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

heart ache !!

im so screwed up !

should i travel to Terrenganu tomorrow? honestly i don't really feel like going.
i find it not exciting at all. but my baby really looking forward for tomorrow.
he hopes that we can really make it for this trip.

firstly, I'm not in a holiday mood yet. maybe is because of my studies,
assignments and many more that affect my mood. it wont be fun going
holiday when you know you got to finish up all your works.

and secondly, this trip is pretty last minute so if I'm about to go, how am
i gonna tell my parents? i just feel like staying home spending some time
with my family. since I've haven't been a really good daughter this few

but again, i really don't know what to do because i don't want my baby
to be upset. i want him to be happy since he's so excited about tomorrow.
this trip is organized by his friends. Hassan, and i know him too.
SO . . . to go ?! or not to ?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

my blog is dead . NOT . YET !!

started college 2 months back. life getting busier and busier everyday.
tans of assignments. having test in 1 month time. wasting a lot a lot of cash
since the day i started college. toll, parking ticket and foods.

well, of course i've met a bunch of new friends. Suki, Ahdesya, Alex,
Thivyan, Jackie and many more. these are the close ones. of course
i've met quite a lot of foreign friends too. they are fun and playful,
SUPER PLAYFUL. till now i have no regrets choosing this college.

me and my baby still going strong. eunice and some of my close friends
too. we're all still close and loving. oh, and i joined a team 2 to 3 months
back. a car team. TEAM SUICIDE ! and i took my lucky number
TS-20. the team is like a big family. its all about family, loves. we
travel here and there sometimes and of course we RACE every
weekends. i started to like racing nowadays, it somehow flow in
my blood.

i think that will be all about my new life. will upload some picture
when i'm free. and i hope this time i'll blog more often, better than
nothing at all. epic, last blog = 2 months back. toodles.

P.S : i miss cheerleading ! especially VULCANZ !!

P.P.S : peace forever !

love, jiayi :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy CNY and happy VALENTINE!

well. i think my blog is really dying. i guess no one will ever read
my blog again. but I'm still gonna blog about something. because!!
I'm just too bored to think of anything else to do! guess blogging is
the best choice!

I'm in my hometown now. which is at Seremban. coming back
on Wednesday. starting work on Thursday. poor me!! but
another thing i have to admit is. although here is really really bored.
but still. i have 3 super cute young cousins!! :)

not seeing my baby for a week. i miss him so much!! one week.
this is like the longest we both had ever separated. but its ok.
somehow i always feel him right beside me. holding me and
accompanying me!

bored bored bored. cant wait till tomorrow morning. I'm gonna
collect angpao from my family!!!!! guess i really have nothing
much to do now. I'll just go to bed then. will upload some
pictures when I'm free! chao! :)